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Hello everyone, my name is Danielle Mesa and welcome to my blogspace. My focus is on the current state of video games and interactive story telling. As in recent years video games gradually made their way into becoming a well respected art form, they slowly merit their eligibility to be critically analyzed as with books and movies. Using my writing and critical thinking skills acquired during my college years, I hope to deliver a solid analysis of story, character and integration of previous forms of media in games. For a long time, we have been asking from the two sided perspective whether or not video games qualify as art, more so, if giving players choices deprives the artist of the meaning of what they hope to convey. But, is the either or debate truly the right approach to understand video games or are we failing to ask ourselves the right questions? Are we failing to see an even larger picture?

In any case, my focus is not directly on the long time debate, but rather to examine past and present game titles with an open mind and fresh eyes. Questions such as the who, what where and why are the best ways to spark a meaningful discussion on the topic and shed new light on the subject matter. If movies and comics achieved their current status a high-art due to critical thinking and going above and beyond the status quo, video games can and have the potential to rise to the same level. Itʼs all the matter of being curiously open to all the endless alternatives that still have yet to be explored.

You can also find my own work at www.majesticalairiumgamesnbooks.com .